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Comparing and contrasting Tortoises and Turtles

Turtles have different and similar things to tortoises. Some people turtles are the same as tortoises but they’re different and similar in many ways. Turtles have smaller, thinner shells but tortoises have large rounded shells. Turtles live for 20 to 30 years however tortoises can live for 100 to 150 years. Similarly Tortoises and Turtles lay eggs on land.








Our Wearable Waste Fashion Show

 On Tuesday, Room 6 and 7 had an idea by making clothes using plastic paint and cardboard and other recycled materials we brought from home. We are going to have a fashion show on Thursday, starting with some of the Room 6 people who were working in Room 7. Some of the Room 7 worked in Room 6. I was making a queen outfit. We started making our clothes on Tuesday afternoon. It was like recycling and reusing plastic to make something we can wear.

While I was making my queen dress I needed an idea. I used my chrome book for ideas. There were so many ideas. I started to get some materials like glitter materials and I started using pva glue but it wouldn’t stick so I used tape which was easier. 

Later, Mr Bell said we could use paint so I added paint  to my dress. After that I  left my dress somewhere safe for it to dry. While it was trying to dry I helped Marii and Roland paint. First I helped Marii make her lion and after that I helped Roland paint his panda. My shirt was getting dirty so I tried not to be more careful. My dress still wasn’t dried yet!!!

Then I found cardboard to make a crown and I cut a piece of cardboard. I taped it like a circle, I painted the front yellow to make it a little gold and at the back I painted it pink because pink is my favourite colour. I covered my crown and dress using a piece of plastic to let it dry. After that the bell rang for morning tea. I didn’t want to eat because I wanted to continue. When the bell rang I came back to Room 7 and my dress and my crown was dry. Hooray!! So I put it on but something was missing. It was the back of me. The shoulder part kept going down so I tied the shoulder part and now it was better. I used a plastic bag for my dress. It was amazing.

The fashion show started in the afternoon on Thursday so we had time. It wasn’t easy, I thought it was easy, it was Hard! Now it was Thursday in the morning and after prayers, Room 6 went to room 7 to do some  about organising for the fashion show. After lunch time we put on our clothes and it was show time!! People had turns in categories to walk past all the other children in the school!! Finally  it was my turn. I was really proud and happy for myself. I couldn’t stop laughing because people kept shouting. I was proud and happy that all our hard work was being celebrated. What a great week.    









Littering is bad for our environment


Whenever you litter it can kill some of the sea animals like Bryde’s whales which are nearly extinct. We only have 200 left in our Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. We need to save them because this is the only place in New Zealand where they live and so we need to make sure their environment is clear of plastic and rubbish.

When we throw away rubbish and it’s not in a bin the wind can blow it into the drains and take it to the sea. This pollutes our water and is dangerous for our sea animals. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a place in the ocean where there is so much plastic that just goes around and around trapping animals and even killing them because they drown in all the plastic. 

We have collected about 93 pieces of rubbish every day at school. That is amazing because we are keeping it from getting into our ocean. I feel proud but we still need to tell others how to recycle, reduce, reuse and refuse ‘one use plastics’ so that we can save our oceans.

The Duffy Show

Have you ever heard of Duffy? Well, If you haven’t you’ll find out. Last Tuesday we went to the hall to watch the Duffy show. The people introduced their characters to us. They were Duffy, Scruffy and Crystal.


Then the show started. It was about Crystal’s statsline. Duffy and Scruffy were detectives and Crystal was a rugby player. There was also a funny mouse. Scruffy was scared of the funny mouse because he was a scaredy cat.


The kids in St Patrick’s were laughing as well. After that Duffy and Scruffy went to Breaky Bites, which was a factory. Crystal’s statline was wrong so they went to Breaky Bites to see if they could find any clues. Duffy and Scruffy were Crystals’ cousin.  


When they found out who messed up Crystal’s statline, Scruffy erupted like a volcano! Because it was the mouse! Duffy took out the mouse. Scruffy kept screaming! Everybody in the hall was laughing like hyenas just like me. It was a relief. 


I really enjoyed this show and I am grateful for the Duffy Books I get every term. Thank you for the great show.

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